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How do you communicate the scale of Limerick’s loss during World War One? I have sought to capture the scale of the death toll through a series of interactive maps. There are over 1,000 individual markers, colour coded by age. Explore the map here.


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Transcriptions and scans of letters sent by Limerick men from the Frontlines of WW1. We are adding new letters as they become available, if you wish to submit a letter please get in touch. You can find these letters here


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These maps detail where Limerick’s WW1 casualties enlisted. Spanning three continents, the distribution is striking. As expected, the majority enlisted in Limerick.


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I’ve made available all of the data that I used to create these maps. Hit Ctrl and F to search for an individual or an address. Links to their CWGC page and ‘last will and testament’ are included where available.


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This section links to all of the obituaries of WW1 casualties from Limerick that appeared in the local press from 1914 to 1918. The majority are from the Limerick Chronicle newspaper. This section is part of a much wider Limerick City Library obituary project.


Irish Canadian Rangers in LimerickFullscreen capture 13062014 173417

In 1917 the Irish Canadian Rangers paid a visit to Limerick. The Imperial War Museum in London have scanned a small collection of photographs of this occasion. You browse them here.


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A series of articles that explore different aspects of Limerick’s involvement in WW1. Sources include the Old Limerick Journal, History Ireland, the North Munster Antiquarian Journal,  and a podcast produced by Raffaele Rocca.


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Over two hundred Limerick men, who emigrated to Australia, served with the Australian Imperial Force during WW1. I’ve arranged them by parish/townland. Click on their name to review their service record (via the National Archives of Australia/University of New South Wales)

Photo Gallery1

Work in Progress: We hope to build a collection of photos of the graves of servicemen from Limerick, plus family photos of Limerick men who died during WW1. We are accepting donations.


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  1. Great uncle Eddie Foran from Limerick killed aged 21 yrs in Palestine – rank officer . Buried mount of olives Israel

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