8 thoughts on “View the Data

  1. Very good site but cannot find my great uncle John Ryan of ballybrood limerick died 15/9/1916 buries serre rd Cemetary no 2?

  2. Thank you Liam . Can you tell me if there is any way of finding out about soldiers who survived ww1. I have a great uncle (John Ryan brother) who was in St Johns Mental Hospital Limerick from 1923 till his death in 1977?

    • I found the Absent Voters’ List for Limerick in 1918 several years at the National Archives in Dublin and gave a copy to the library in Limerick. That would have the names of most of the Limerick men who survived WW1. I may have a copy still. Any idea of the first name and a possible location of where he lived? If he survived the war and got a temporary pension the western front association can search a newish dataset they have for basic pension info that doesn’t appear on the commercial genealogy websites.

  3. Hi, Im struggling with my ancestry and wondered if you can help… My grandfather David Russel came from Crossagalla born 1898, i know that he enlisted in to the army along with his brothers , John, Timothy , Patrick and Dennis. My grandfather was the only one that came home after the First World war. I cannot find any info on him any where, ive heard that he joined the Royal Munster Fusiliers , but not sure maybe the Conought Rangers. he died in Rochdale , Manchester in 1985. He served in two world wars, when I was a kid he used to tell me about life in the army as his eyes would glaze up, my nan would come in and tell him to pack it in. I think it ruined him really. Can any one give me any details about his service and/ or his brothers that died? thanks Kevin

  4. Congratulations on the fine work! My query…is the “Further Details” re Casualties taken from a newspaper obit of the time? This interests me in the case of an ancestor, Rifleman Samuel Dickson Adams. From what is mentioned in “Further Details” I gather that his father was deceased by 1916? Knowing this would bring us a great step further in our family history! Thank you for any help.

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