Letter 2: Andrew Heffernan

Letter from Andrew Heffernan (31) to his wife Annie who is living at Abbey View, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick.

Andrew was killed in action during the Battle for Aubers Ridge on the 9th May 1915. He was one of the 139 members of the 2nd Bn. Royal Munster Fusiliers killed that day, including 30 men from Limerick. He is commemorated at the Le Touret Memorial in France.


Trenches, 8th May 1915

Dear Little Girl,

I received your kind and welcome letters on the 6th and 7th, and was glad to see by them that you and the children were in good health, as I am at present, thank God. This will be the last letter for a long time, but do not be uneasy about me, for I will come out of this the same as I always did, with the help of God and his Blessed Mother. We have a frightful piece of work to do. As I said before, it is the last letter for a while, and it may be the last for ever, but if I fall in this big battle I will haunt the Kaiser for the rest of his life.

If anything happens to me I know there is no fear of the children with you; but, little girl, I bind you to no promise, but mind the children. I could not tell you what it cost me to write this letter to you, and if I go down this time the War Office will give you whatever is belonging to me, and will send you my watch or any little things I have.

When you receive this letter I will be in the thick of fun; it is a glorious life only for you and the children. Mind Eileen for me whatever you do, as she is a girl. Tell her, her father was asking for her, and kiss mamma for me. Goodbye once more. Love to you and the children. Remember, no matter what will happen, I died like a soldier and a man.

From your fond husband,


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