Letter 3: Patrick Hayes

Letter from Patrick Hayes (29) to his brother John (34) who is living at Walsh’s Lane in Limerick City. Patrick died at Salonika in Greece in the winter of 1915. He is commemorated at Salonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery

September 1914

My Dear Brother,

I received your kind and welcome letter and was glad to hear from you as it cheered me up a bit. Dear brother this is an awful place out here, I don’t know if we will ever get out of it, so I left you everything in my will. If any thing [..] you will have it. I was glad to hear that you got a Mass said for me, it might help me. You said you wrote to me before but I got none of your letters, if I did I would have answered them.

Dear brother it will be a long time, I am thinking, before I get a furlough* except I get wounded. But I hope God will bring me back safe again. Dear brother, I must now close for the want of paper and I gave your address as Welshes Lane, Limerick. So if anything happens to me that is where your letter will go from the government.

From your fond Brother Patrick.

6th Leinster Regiment.

*A furlough is temporary leave.


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